Oikos is an international association volunteering founded in 1979. 

Workcamps and volunteering experience are a part of an international program of cultural exchanges, started in 1980.

International projects are only a part of all Oikos projects: our activity mainly deals with problems about conservation of forest resources, with the research in psychological field in close connection with the evolution of social systems and with the world of youth.

We develop social engagement in our country Italy, and particularly in the downtown of Rome, Spinacieto, where we are based: we organise cinema and theatre, social and cultural events and we open our space to citizen community.


Oikos is self-funding, thanks to the contribution of their members, for what concerns ordinary activities.

Some extraordinary programs, from the municipal level to international level, however, are born thanks to institutional collaborations or conventions. In those occasions OIKOS provides no-profit services of public utility,  collaborating with Universities, educational Agencies, public Institutions and local authorities.


Oikos denies any political affiliation beacause it doesn't recognize in any political organisation the consistency, clarity and programmatic capacity necessary to a constructive and useful dialogue with the volunteering organizations.

What we ask to our volunteers

Our volunteers we  just ask the awareness about the role that the commitment of solidarity must take:
often, it necessary to intervene where the social systems are not able to give answers to many kind of issues, because of lack of the necessary resources, or because  waste, ignorance, corruption and embezzlement favor the misuse and the inappropriate use of the same resources.

To prevent forest fires in Italy, where more money is waste on canadair all the more fires increase,  to build a well in an African country, where the government spends more on armaments than in agricultural development,restoring a medieval castle in a European village,are some examples of the hundreds of projects in which we cooperate.

Relations between our organization and volunteers

Our international partners and research staff offers activities aimed at affirming the human dignity.

We consider necessary that volunteer performs the considered choice to meet, with a sense of personal responsability in difficult or uncomfortable situations, a spirit of cooperation and desire to get involved. Those who believe they have an experience "trendy",inspired perhaps by the fibs told by television, risk of being disappointed and angry, when they have with a shower that does not work, a dirty bathroom or a little savory cuisine.

We ask to volunteers, however, to implement a constant exchange of views and with those who leave for an international project we keep  a mailing correspondence.
Oikos, through its staff  and local coordinators, implements a continuous and individual monitoring of all experiences.



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